About Us


Graduate in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Spiru Haret of Bucharest (Romania), with more than 10 years of experience in veterinary clinic.

Being a student of the faculty, I realized a Master in Dog Pathology where I confirmed my passion for this profession.

Later I continued my training at the Veterinary Clinic Comivet over several years, where I started my work. I have been in Lanzarote since 2014 enjoying every day of the deal with my clients and, of course, with my patients.


Graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Spiru Haret in Bucharest (Romania), I have held stays in different veterinary clinics, the last one in Dubai this past year


Of course, we could not forget our Christian hairdresser! Self-taught first, I got the professional training of canine Hairdressing at the Veterinary Clinic Smile Vet and I have also attended different seminars, always prepared for our hairy companions are as handsome as possible.